Training Fees :     $900.00 Per Month

A check for the first month of training is required when you drop off your dog. Each additional month you will receive a bill via fax or in the mail. We require a 3 month minimum on all retriever training. This fee covers food (Pro Plan), board, and training. All dogs are trained at least 5 days a week.

Flyer Fees :

We will shoot flyers while your dog is trained here. This charge depends on how many shot flyers your dog receives. A typical flyer fee ranges between $70 - $90 per month.

Heartworm and flea/tick preventative should be provided by dog owners.

We require proof of vaccinations at the time of drop off. This includes a rabies and distemper series within the calander year and a bordetella within 6 months.

Veterinary Medical Fees :

Should your dog require health care our veterinarian is only 5 minutes away. He is available 24hrs a day and has a large sporting dog clientele along with a new state of the art clinic. Owners are responsible for all health care bills plus a $15.00 trip charge. We treat your dog as if it were our own. If there is any question as to a dogs needs for medical treatment, we are always going to be cautious and transport your dog to our veterinarian. If you wish to contact our veterinarian for any further info, please call Greg Winter DVM at Winter Animal Hospital (850) 562-2777.

Handling Fees / Traveling Fees

A handling fee is charged when we handle or transport your dog to a licensed competition, or hunt test.

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