"SMOKE" is a handsome retrieving machine. His hips are OFA EXCELLENT,#LR-134449E26M and elbows OFA NORMAL. His eyes are CERF # LR-3787IN/2008.He is DNA Registered >> CLEAR of CNM ( Centronuclear Myopathy. )LR-CNM06-186-M-PIV He comes from a family of great competitors and tremendous bloodlines. He is a MASTER HUNTER and has Qualified for the 2006, 2007, & 2008 MASTER NATIONAL. Smoke is talented and fun to train! He is a tremendous marker and is very strong in the water. He is also a joy as a house dog. Please call (850) 539-9633 for more info.
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Fowl Reaper's Bayou Harley M.H.

Harley is a true gentleman. Webster's definition is a man of good birth and social standing. A well bred courteous man..that is Harley!
He is qualified for the 2006, 2007, & 2008 Master National .He is a consistent competitor.
His hips are OFA GOOD, # LR-139422G25M-Pl.
Elbows are Normal LR-EL321640M25-Pl.
Eye's are CERF # LR-51271/2008
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