" JACK "


" Jill,Rebel,Carly,Jack
Pearl & Valarie



In the history of titling retrievers, we have the first four
Dual Canadian/American Master Hunters.

Morningside's Pearl Jam - CAN/AM M.H., All Age Qualified (Valarie Marks & Jill Volsch)

Morningside's Fast Car - CAN/AM M.H., Qualifying Placements (Jill Volsch)

Morningside's High Brass Rebel - National Master Hunter, CAN/AM M.H., All Age Qualified, Derby Points (Dr. Pat Davis)

Morningside's Smackwater Jack - National Master Hunter, CAN/AM M.H., All Age Qualified, Amateur Win, Open 4th, 5 1/2 Points (Valarie Marks & Christina Polous)
Morningside's Star Chaser - M.H., Derby Points (Valarie Marks & Christina Poulos)

Morningside's Misty Morning - M.H.,All Age Qualified, Derby Points (Dr. Doug Henderson & Angela McVey)

Fry Creek Red Turner - M.H., All Age Qualified (Amelia Rose)

Coleman Topbrass Kid - M.H. (Amelia Rose)

Lucy of Chapel Hill - S.H. (Dr. Rube Hundley)

Morningside's Rebel Yell - M.H., All Age Qualified (Doug & Judi Henderson)

Morningside's Ticket to Ride - S.H., C.D.X., Master Hunter Qualifications (Jill Volsch)

Morningside's Razzle Dazzle - M.H. (Jill Volsch)

Clayton's Queen Margaret - M.H. (Amelia Rose)

Morningside's Desperado - S.H. (Olin Granthum)

Bessy - S.H. (Jeff Nordhause)

CH. Quillquest's Wendy's Wagtail - CAN/AM S.H., M.H. Qualifications (Gillian Impey)

Morningside's Dakota Dawn - M.H., Canadian S.H. (Valarie Marks & Christina Poulos)

Cricket - S.H. (Dr. Jim Davis)

Morningside's Magic - M.H. (Jeff Nordhause)

HIT CH Foxgrove's The Chase Is On - S.H., WCX, CD (Sue Kish)

Sarge - S.H. (Dr. Pat Davis)

Quillquest's Utterly Chaotic - S.H. (Ann Steer & Gillian Impey)

Morningside's Cajun Cooch - S.H. (David Olvey)

Oakdown Bette - S.H. (Peggy & Ernest Daffin)

McBride's Maverick - M.H. (Doug Henderson)

Mali Ilima Umbra's Windsong - S.H. (John & Rhesa Rudolph)

HIT CH Foxgrove's This Bud's For You - M.H., WCX, CD (Sue Kish)

HIT CH Foxgrove's Sea Spray - M.H., WCX, CD (Sue Kish)

Morningside's True North - Canadian Customs Drug Dog

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